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Monday, December 6, 2021

    Yellow Jackets most aggressive in fall

    AUBURN, Ala. – With fall just around the corner, the time when yellow jackets are at their most aggressive is fast approaching. To make matters worse, Alabama is experiencing unusually high yellow jacket populations this year. It’s important that people be on the lookout...

    Registration for sandhill crane season opens Sept. 4

    Registration for Alabama’s first sandhill crane hunting season in more than 100 years will open Sept. 4 and run until Sept. 25, 2019. The Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries (WFF) will conduct a computer-controlled random draw of 400 sandhill crane hunting permits...

    Blue-green algae causes concern for dog owners

    AUBURN, Ala. - Blue-green algae has caused several cases of dog poisonings and deaths across the country. While poisonings from these algae are nothing new, in recent years problems have been worse. These reports have many pet owners wanting to know more about these...

    Freeze veggies to enjoy this fall and winter

    AUBURN, Ala. - From tomatoes to squash, summer is filled with a wonderful bounty of garden vegetables. Wouldn’t it be great to have these fresh vegetables all year long? Luckily, you can freeze fresh produce from the local markets or homegrown vegetables this summer...

    Seed saving 101

    Bethany A. O’Rear, regional horticulture agent for the Alabama Cooperative Extension System As our summer vegetable and flower gardens are winding down, why not get a head start for next year?  Seed saving is a great way to preserve those hard to find varieties...

    Lightning bugs: summer’s night light

    AUBURN, Ala. – Many southerners have fond memories of catching lightning bugs on a summer’s night. The fascination surrounding these insects always invoke curious questions. An Alabama Cooperative Extension System professional provides some of the basic information on lightning bugs. Lightning bug or firefly? It is...

    Good Hope anglers Arnold, Curington narrowly miss final round of Mossy Oak Fishing High School Championship

    PARIS, Tenn. – Kentucky Lake is the site of this year’s Mossy Oak Fishing High School Championship and a pair of local boats were out on the water competing. Good Hope Fishing Team is represented on Kentucky Lake by Colton Williams and Landon Graham...

    Alabama sets 1st sandhill crane hunting season in 103 years

    Alabama hunters will have their first opportunity in 103 years to hunt a migratory bird that has been making a steady comeback for the past few decades. The Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries (WFF) Division will conduct a draw hunt of 400 permits to hunt...

    The Alabama Cooperative Extension System talks black bears in Alabama

    AUBURN, Ala. – On vacations to the Tennessee or Georgia mountains, many hope to catch a glimpse of a black bear or two. What some don’t realize is there are populations of black bears living right here in Alabama. In fact, the black bear...